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There are many little factors that go into achieving fantastic SEO on your own. Some companies will charge upwards of $2,000 per month for SEO services and while I can see the value in spending those $2,000+ for those services, I can honestly tell you YOU CAN DO IT YOURSELF IN-HOUSE. Just develop good practices and habits, take a little bit of time out each day to “care” and you will be well on your way to a robust lead-generating website. And if you feel you just don’t have the time, I can help you by taking responsibility over some of these areas for you, but I am confident you are more than qualified to do this on your own!

Below are the Secrets to SEO:

Submit all the important pages of your website to all major search engines.

Google Alerts: set them up for your business – one for your business name and also for all the business categories you’d like to be found for. Visit: (this practice is more for you to keep a pulse on the keywords that are important to you, than for your website’s SEO).

Keywords: The key to advertising success in the internet are keywords. Make a list of every imaginable keyword for your business and make sure you are consistently developing fresh content on your website that includes those keywords. The best way to do this is to brainstorm what problems, issues or concerns your clients have or had. What do they need? What are the frustrated by? What are they asking for? Make a list and use those keywords as bait to attract new website visitors.

So, “How do I develop fresh content on my website that includes those keywords?” you ask?

Blog Posts: When you write anywhere on your website, write specifically about the kinds of things people are searching for in your industry, especially if you have a e-commerce site when you’re writing your product descriptions. Be careful to write product descriptions that include keywords that match your average internet searcher keywords – your unique “keywords” are your “bait” to attract new website visitors. If you have a “Case Study” section in your website, make sure you address common client these problems, issues and concerns and then tell the story of how you came to save the day! Include a client testimonial – ask for it! Your blog posts and your product listings are the life blood of your website. Be smart about using them well!

The next piece to advertising success on the internet is link building, both incoming and outbound. Think of ways you can incorporate strategic outbound links on your site.

For Inbound Links, here are some great ideas:

Reputation management: Check all your Google, Bing, ect. Online listings and make sure they are accurate and that you are providing them as much information about your company as you can, people search for what you offer and if your Google or Bing listing is complete, you’re giving potential new clients easy access to you and your website. You want to be as open, transparent and accessible as possible. You also might want to start a in internal customer relationship campaign where you ask your current customers to please write a Google or Bing review for you so they can be entered into a monthly drawing or a quarterly drawing for a valuable prize you’re able to give away. Reviews are GOLD on the internet. You want to make sure that all your listings have your correct contact information, including your website, so people can click on it and create an inbound link!

Social media: Sharing great Case Studies like this ( on all your social media accounts is also a great way to generate new inbound traffic to your website because interested people will click on the link to read the Case Study and search engines notice the incoming visitor and how long they stayed on your website. Share these links on both your business and your personal Facebook page (you’ll find your personal page has more clout because life is about people and people are more interested in the people they know and love than the company they work for). Tweet it and share it on your Google+ Page.

LinkedIn: I like LinkedIn a lot – please take the time to comment on a group or a discussion or answer an open question. Showcase your expertise and slip in your website address so people can check you out.

Constant Contact E-Blasts: send these out regularly and you’ll get ton of inbound visitors. Make the “Sign-Up for Our Newsletter” feature on your website even better by integrating it into your Constant Contact account. I HIGHLY recommend you give this the time and attention it deserves because having a robust mailing list of folks interested in certain products or categories you offer receiving customized updates of services and items that are specifically of interest to them will produce consistent new and repeat sales for you. See here for a great sample we produced for our clients and try to sign up for their newsletter:

Other people’s websites: participate by commenting on other people’s website blogs. When you leave a comment, you are typically prompted to enter your Website Address so people who are interested in you can visit your website to learn more about you.

Paid Advertising: So far I’ve only addressed FREE ways to acheive great SEO, but paid advertising is fantastic if you can afford it.  Some of my favorite: Facebook ads, Search, Geo-Targeted Display Ads and Industry Related online banners can all definitely encourage new traffic to your website and generate new sales!

I hope this helps and please know that I am here to help you with any and every advertising and marketing need you may have. We are a media buying, strategic planning and creative services advertising agency. Our goal is to help our clients increase their sales and revenue. I am 100% at your service.

About Nicole Valentin

Nicole Valentin heads one of Tampa Florida’s most innovative advertising firms, NV Advertising, which she founded in 2010. Ms. Valentin graduated from USF's School of Mass Communications with a B.A. in Advertising and counts on over 12 years of advertising media experience. In her spare time, Nicole loves traveling, learning about world cultures and spending time with her family - especially her dog, Jake. You can find Nicole on Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

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