Marketing Basics for Just Before Your Grand Opening by Nicole Valentin

openPreparing for your business’ grand opening is exciting! If your target audience is 60% or more of “everyone in the area”, then saturating surrounding consumers and businesses with an introductory printed collateral piece is a sure fire way to let everyone know you’re new in town and open for business.

As with all advertising, the cost associated with this will be commensurate with the quantity and quality of people you are reaching as well as the quality of the medium (in this case the printed collateral) that you select to deliver your message. Postage rates for every door direct mail (EDDM) to saturate certain areas surrounding your business are significantly more affordable than first class postage.

For example, if you’re running an affordable to medium priced restaurant, addressing a brochure with your full menu and mailing it out to all surrounding consumers and businesses is an extremely cost effective way to introduce your new restaurant. If your price points are on the high-end side, a formal invitation to a soft-open complimentary evening with a limited menu is a more appropriate way to generate awareness, but you would only send it to key media contacts and influential individuals in your city – making it an exclusive event by invitation only with higher costs associated with it. Your list would be more exclusive, the pieces would be printed on thicker stock and these would go out with first class postage.

If you sell or service cars, sell furniture, clothes, home improvements items or services, or anything else that is consumer targeted, brainstorm to come up with a creative and interesting way to let people know you’re open and what’s in it for them – what they should come to you for and what your values are as a business.

As with any advertising tactic you put into play, you must always ask yourself what you expect from the initiative. In this case, the only expectation you should place on this tactic is to generate awareness.

A big mistake I see many advertisers do is hold every little thing they do accountable for generating increased sales, without realizing the value of a strategically planned integrated advertising campaign that is executed over a long period of time (this is the formula for advertising success).

So before launching one initiative here and then another initiative there and looking back feeling like neither of them worked, take the time to build a comprehensive annual plan and have clear expectations of what you can realistically expect from each of your planned tactics. Realize that Rome wasn’t built by just one hammer, and neither will your business. It takes a whole toolbox of advertising and marketing tactics to build a brand.

Generating awareness is a basic, fundamental part of your marketing plan. This advertising tactic is one of many “generating awareness” tactics that will help to accomplish just that. It’s a basic one that everyone can do, with or without professional help (it’s usually cheaper if you get professional help).

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