5 Tips for Business Cards that Get You Noticed by Nicole Valentin

business-card-handLet’s face it; within the first 10 seconds, a potential client is building a lasting impression about you. You’ve only got one shot to seal the deal. How can you cut through the competition without breaking a sweat? One of the tools in your arsenal should be a well-designed business card. Think of it this way – business cards are tiny mobile billboards advertising your business. Here are a few tips to ensure yours leave a lasting impression.

  1. Mind your business. It may sound silly, but do you know your business? Your business card should be able to describe what you do in a few short words.
  2. Use your logo as the basis of your design. The logo should be the biggest element on the card. Pull the colors and fonts from the logo to create a brand that is consistent.
  3. Include essential information. Most of the time, it’s great to be detailed and leave no stone unturned when sharing information, but a business card is not a book – it’s a quick point of reference. With your logo and company name at the top of the checklist, be sure to include your phone number, email, company address, and website.
  4. Make sure everything is readable. By only including your essential information, your business card should be easy to read. Remember, all eyes are different. No one should need a magnifying glass to read your business card.
  5. Don’t be afraid to have fun. Get away from the business card with black lettering and right-aligned text.  Use bright pops of color or find a way to incorporate shapes and elements from the logo into the card.

If you can do this, young grasshopper, clients will be calling you in no time!

If you ever need help designing your business card, we’re here for you! We can create a custom design for your business and we’re more affordable than Vista Print. Feel free to contact us for more information.

About Nicole Valentin

Nicole Valentin heads one of Tampa Florida’s most innovative advertising firms, NV Advertising, which she founded in 2010. Ms. Valentin graduated from USF's School of Mass Communications with a B.A. in Advertising and counts on over 12 years of advertising media experience. In her spare time, Nicole loves traveling, learning about world cultures and spending time with her family - especially her dog, Jake. You can find Nicole on Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

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