Time to Take Action! by Nicole Valentin

take-action2-webTraditional media is changing rapidly. Radio spots, TV commercials, and print ads all bring the product to the consumer. But who really likes being told what to do? Our brains are hard-wired for creating new experiences through movement, and the best branding happens through authentic human experiences.

How do you create a brand experience that leaves a lasting impression? Brands, like memories are based on our feelings, not what actually happened. Did you drink a Coke while watching fireworks with your family on the Fourth of July? Did you get a few stolen glances in your favorite brand of jeans? Your logo and tagline are a shortcut to the feeling your brand inspires.

Red Bull is a great example of a brand that creates memories. Upon its inception, the energy drink giant dropped off cases of the new brew and invited college students to throw parties with the drink in hand. Now Red Bull is associated with youth and high-octane fun. Since 2012, they’ve moved on to hosting extreme sports and launching daredevil athletes to the edge of space.

Don’t worry. You don’t have to launch someone to the edge of space to leave a lasting impression. You can host a fun charity event for the holidays or have an awards ceremony for all of your trusted vendors who helped you throughout the year. Brands should remind us of how great it is to be alive. We need to create peak emotional and physical experiences that leave our clients on a high note. We don’t just create ads, we create memories.

About Nicole Valentin

Nicole Valentin heads one of Tampa Florida’s most innovative advertising firms, NV Advertising, which she founded in 2010. Ms. Valentin graduated from USF's School of Mass Communications with a B.A. in Advertising and counts on over 12 years of advertising media experience. In her spare time, Nicole loves traveling, learning about world cultures and spending time with her family - especially her dog, Jake. You can find Nicole on Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

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