Emailing High Resolution Images from Your Camera Phone by Nicole Valentin

Tired of emailing pictures only to have them kicked back to you as “no good” because they are low resolution? Here’s a quick tutorial on how to email high resolution images from your camera phone. While pictures coming from your … Continue reading

Booking Holiday Parties for Your Restaurant by Nicole Valentin

The holiday season is upon us and you know what that means: People will be out and about; family will be in town, and everyone will be eating and drinking – a lot. Over 50% of most restaurant revenue can … Continue reading

Your Party. Your Rules. It’s Okay to Say No to Your Customers by Nicole Valentin

A couple of weeks ago I went to purchase a cake for a fellow bartender’s last shift. I have a bit of a crass sense of humor and I wanted to have the bakery write something rather naughty on the … Continue reading

Combating the Bad Review: Why a Bad Review is a Good Thing by Nicole Valentin

Truth: Running a restaurant was easier before social media. And if you’re an established business that’s been around for over 20 years, the social media boom forced you to relearn a lot of basic 101 business practices. Now you have … Continue reading

Seeing is Believing: YouTube for Small Business by Nicole Valentin

Images have a bigger impact than plain text. With the rise of social media, video has become an increasingly important medium to help tell the story – YOUR story. YouTube hinges on storytelling through short, concise videos. If videos aren’t … Continue reading

Millennials: More Influenced by Digital Ads or Traditional Ones? by Nicole Valentin

When considering how to reach millennials, digital advertising pops to mind first. Naturally, it makes the most sense since millennials are known as the savviest of the tech-consuming generations. After all, millennials spend a copious amount of time online: 59% … Continue reading

Keeping the Crap Out of the Craft: Investigating an Untapped Source of Revenue the Right Way by Nicole Valentin

“We are our choices.” ―Jean-Paul Sartre The hospitality industry is about choices. Your choices for your business define who you are and where you hold your values. If you offer your patrons something better than what they’ve had before; an … Continue reading

10 Top Reasons Restaurants Fail by Nicole Valentin

Continuously inviting new patrons in and making them fall in love with your restaurant and bar is the lifeblood of your venue. Managing the inner workings of the restaurant and finding top-notch marketing support can be an uphill battle. Here … Continue reading

The Million Dollar Question: Which Advertising Medium Provides the Greatest ROI? by Nicole Valentin

A recent study of over 4,500 advertising campaigns from the last 7 years has found that TV advertising remains the most effective form of advertising and creates the highest return on investment over any form of advertising. The benefits of TV … Continue reading

Creating the Ritual: A Restaurateur’s Guide to Providing the Warm Blanket of Service by Nicole Valentin

I recently took a trip to Milan with the intention of dropping by one of my favorite liquor companies’ distilleries. I had participated in a tasting in Tampa, where I live, a couple of weeks before my scheduled trip at … Continue reading

How to be an SEO Maestro by Nicole Valentin

In this web-driven world, everyone is fighting to make it to the top – of Google’s search results. Your website clearly explains what you have to offer the world and now, you just want to be noticed. That’s where SEO … Continue reading

Is Printed Collateral Facing Extinction? by Nicole Valentin

Are our beloved paper and ink facing near extinction in the advertising world? The short answer is, no. Even though online marketing is quickly becoming a front-runner, printed collateral will always be a tried and true advertising medium. If you … Continue reading

Augmented Reality: Just a Trend or Here to Stay? by Nicole Valentin

Augmented Reality (AR) allows smartphone users to point their phones at certain objects such print ads, outdoor posters and even coffee cups to trigger a 3D video. AR “augments” the consumers surroundings with digital imagery and information. The goal of … Continue reading

Web Design Responds to the Mobile Takeover by Nicole Valentin

We live in a constantly moving society. Not too long ago, our computers were the only portal to instant information. Now, we have desktops, laptops, tablets, mobile phones, and even smart watches. In the advent of the mobile takeover, website … Continue reading

Real-Time Bidding Represents the Future of Buying Online Display Advertising by Nicole Valentin

RTB (Real-time Bidding) is a relatively new method of selling and buying online display advertising in real time one ad impression at a time. Think the stock exchange, but for display and mobile web banners! RTB uses algorithms to automatically … Continue reading

Web Design: Out With the Old by Nicole Valentin

2014 is just around the corner. While we make resolutions promising to go on diets and become better people, the design world is making a clean sweep as well. Here are four web design trends that will disappear in the … Continue reading

The Shift from Multicultural Marketing to Total Market Strategies by Nicole Valentin

Amidst of the rapidly shifting demographics in the U.S., the concept of Multicultural Marketing is being phased out in favor of a “total marketing” strategic approach. Two years ago Walmart made headlines in the advertising world by announcing it was … Continue reading

Back to Flat by Nicole Valentin

In the world of web and mobile design, simplicity is in! Since the unveiling of Apple’s new mobile software iOS 7, there has been a large shift from eye-popping gradients and shadows to crisp lines and bold typography to create … Continue reading

The Big Data Revolution Driving Marketing and Advertising Plans by Nicole Valentin

The explosion in data and digital technologies has opened up an unprecedented amount of insights into customer needs and behaviors. Research shows that companies using big data and analytics to shape their marketing and advertising plans are showing 15-20 percent … Continue reading

Time to Take Action! by Nicole Valentin

Traditional media is changing rapidly. Radio spots, TV commercials, and print ads all bring the product to the consumer. But who really likes being told what to do? Our brains are hard-wired for creating new experiences through movement, and the … Continue reading