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Start marketing your business like a pro!

We help clients thrive in today’s complex media landscape with strategic integrated plans and awe-inspiring creative that crushes the competition. NV Advertising’s Education Series empowers students with the knowledge, skills, and information they need to market themselves and their business effectively. In these spill-all, information-packed classes, students will walk away with all the tools they need to implement marketing plans. We tailor all our classes for a highly individualized experience. After taking this class you will be ready to implement as a result of the highly personalized one-on-one coaching involved in the course.

Classes are conveniently held in our office in Downtown Tampa in a highly personalized and collaborative mastermind setting.

Not all classes listed below will be available all the time. Please visit for a schedule of upcoming classes and to register for live course dates. Contact us if you have questions!

Social Media Strategy and Execution Like a ProSocial Media Strategy and Execution Like a Pro

Social media is the most heavily consumed media today. Having a solid and active social media presence is indispensable. If you feel like you aren’t generating any traction from your social media activities, you probably don’t have a solid strategy and system in place. Join us as we discuss the importance of social media and why it’s relevant to your business, compare and contrast the major relevant social media outlets for your particular business, outline how to develop a solid content and social media strategy designed to meet your marketing objectives, list fail safe, stress free systems in place to automate authentic delivery of your social media content, and, assemble a social media strategy and system for your business that you can implement as soon as you leave the class.

Creating an All-Star Profile on LinkedIn and Using it to Get New Business AppointmentsCreating an All-Star Profile on LinkedIn and Using it to Get New Business Appointments

As a business leader, having a great LinkedIn profile today is a not only a necessity, but it’s also an untapped source of new business opportunities. If you feel like your LinkedIn profile isn’t important or you feel you could use some guidance on how to turn your time spent on LinkedIn into a solid revenue generating activity, then this course is for you!

Developing a Strong Online Brand Presence + Managing Reviews
Developing a Strong Online Brand Presence + Managing Reviews

Having a strong online presence is indispensable for any business or individual. After all, most people “check out” a potential new vendor before deciding to do business with them. In this course you will learn how to manage your business’ brand online so that when anyone looks you up, you will always present a unified, professional online brand presence.

Using Direct Mail to Get ResultsUsing Direct Mail to Get Results

It has been said that direct mail is dead, but in our experience, it’s alive and thriving – if you know how to do it correctly, of course. In this course you will learn everything you need to know about pulling off a direct mail campaign successfully by yourself. And even if you plan on hiring someone else to do it for you, you’ll leave this course knowing enough to be dangerously savvy!

Hands-On Marketing Strategy Workshop Hands-On Marketing Strategy Workshop

Most business owners and entrepreneurs write a business plan, but few take the time to outline their Marketing Plan. While maybe you sell the best widget or maybe you offer the best service, if you’re not correctly marketing yourself to the right people in a consistent manner, your momentum will eventually slow down. When you leave this course, you will have a solid marketing strategy for your business along with specific advertising tactics you can implement to support that strategy.

Media Planning and BuyingMedia Planning and Buying

The options of advertising media vehicles is overwhelming. The internet and technology have created an environment where media has become more and more fragmented, but also, much more fun and interesting. If you have a limited advertising budget (who doesn’t) and you’re not sure how to spend your money in the area where it will give you the most return, this class is for you.

Branding Your Business CorrectlyBranding Your Business Correctly

Logos, colors, fonts, what to say in your communication pieces, oh my! If establishing a solid brand presence is a riddle to you, this is a class you must attend. You will leave this class with a complete understanding of what it means to have a solid brand presence that will inspire trust and respect in your product or service.

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About The Instructor:

nicolevalentin201-bw-2483618209-ONicole Valentin is a seasoned advertising professional with over 13 years of experience in media buying and brand strategy.

As president of NV Advertising, a full-service, bilingual advertising agency in Tampa, FL, she oversees media buying and strategic campaign management, web design and coding, SEO, copywriting, social media, and printed identity materials (logos, brochures, business cards) for a range of clients worldwide.

Nicole holds a B.A. from the School of Mass Communications at the University of South Florida with a concentration in Advertising.

Ms. Valentin is also an Instructor for the University of San Francisco Online and teaches advanced level courses on Integrated Advertising Campaigns, Multi-Channel Marketing, Media Planning, Media Buying, Creative Development, Effective Internet Marketing Presentations and Successful Agency Relationships.

Nicole keeps her fingers steadily on the pulse of today’s marketing and advertising trends, ensuring the firm is continuously equipped to deliver world-class strategic guidance and effective tactical executions for all its client’s needs.