Advertising Campaign Management

Whether you’re placing radio, billboards, newspaper or TV ads – or executing efforts that involve direct mail, tradeshow booths, event sponsorships, or hosting a fundraiser, allow us the opportunity to be your trusted partner and help you spearhead your efforts.

Our many years of real-world media buying experience have taught us how to accurately evaluate media on your behalf, recognizing great media exposure value when we see it and to quickly spot “fluff” in any advertising proposal.

Once you’ve decided to move forward with one of our proposed strategic media plans, we streamline the media placement process and ensure all of your orders are booked correctly preventing costly mistakes that could otherwise lead to very expensive over billing. Just last month, we identified $2,661 in unauthorized charges on one of our client accounts. If it weren’t for our client hiring us to manage their advertising campaign, they most likely would have never realized they were being grossly over-billed for commercials that they did not order. We prepared all appropriate paperwork for them and ensured all credit adjustments were applied to their account.

Additionally, we write and oversee the production of all your commercials and ads, ensuring your advertising message is on-target and effective.

While your campaign is ongoing, we even further save you thousands of dollars annually by continuously monitoring your advertising campaign as a whole and auditing every single media invoice at the end of each broadcast month to ensure that all promised ratings were delivered and that all commercials ran exactly as ordered. When we find any under-deliveries in promised ratings, we hold media outlets accountable on your behalf to make it good to you, ensuring you’re receiving exactly what you’ve paid for!

You’d be hard-pressed to find another advertising agency that does this, but we actually issue REFUND CHECKS to our clients for dollars that would have otherwise been paid to the media companies for advertisements that ran incorrectly.

Benefits of working with us:

  • One invoice, one point of contact
  • Knowing our agenda is to work for YOU and get YOU the best deal possible
  • Knowing your media is being executed within a well thought out strategic plan
  • Not dealing with multiple sales reps trying to sell you products that don’t make sense for you
  • You’re saving valuable time and benefiting from our profound knowledge of the market, our media connections, our extensive advertising campaign experience and our ability to swiftly manage the (often cumbersome) media selection and planning process
  • Peace of mind knowing that every month, your media invoices are being audited for accuracy to ensure you’re not being billed for media you never order, media that did not actually run or media that ran incorrectly

Put us to work for you today!